Group Headquarters S&D - Martinho Campos

Sustainability and respect for the environment

Producing energy sustainably is the path taken by the S & D Forestry Group since its foundation. The productive units of the Group use 100% of raw material of planted origin, preserving areas of native forests, contributing to the maintenance of the quality of the environment.

The group
S&D Florestal

  • Since 1990 in the market with operations in the states of Minas Gerais, Bahia, Paraná and São Paulo.

  • It has machines, equipment and own fleet which guarantees safety, quality, punctuality and price in all processes.

  • Client portfolio with market leaders.

  • Concern about the environment and sustainable development.


Ensure growth and sustainability in an independent and self-sufficient manner for each business unit.


and Services

  • Production of clonal eucalyptus seedlings with ISO 9001.

  • Reforestation and forest management.

  • Forest harvest.

  • Transportation and loading of wood and equipment.

  • Treatment and commercialization of wood for various purposes (Sawdust, Poles, Panels, Furniture, Doors, Windows, Shipyards, Fences, Walls, Roofs, Decks and constructions in general).


To work for intrinsic quality, less cost, prompt service, profitability, investment in qualification and training of employees, respecting the human being, valuing his work, providing him with good working conditions and growth opportunities, generating benefits, conserving and preserving the environment.

Nursery of seedlings

  • The only one in Brazil with Phytopathology laboratory with ISO 9001 certification.

  • High quality clones
    (resistant and durable).

  • Varied species of seedlings.

  • Production capacity of 40 million seedlings per year.

  • Seedlings screened from start to finish.

  • Monitoring and laboratory control at all stages.


The world is always in transformation, and in this process, the forest-based segment as an alternative and sustainable source of energy is the foundation of people's demands and desires.

Wood industrialization

  • Concern about the Environment. The only company in Minas Gerais to use clean energy in part of its processes.


  • High quality wood and proven durability according to ABNT standards.


  • Sawmill itself with a production capacity of 6 thousand m³ of products per year (sawdust, boards and panels).


  • Wood drying process using high quality German technology using solar energy.


  • Classification of wood according to strict evaluation criteria.


  • Laminated Glued Wood (MLC) with its own machinery, mainly serving the furniture sector.

  • Treated wood with 15 year guarantee and capacity for the manufacture of poles of up to 20 meters in length.


  • Own production of more than 60 products: furniture, stakes, poles, among others.


  • Sales to order retail and wholesale.


Always innovate. Transform the process of forest production, cultivation and harvesting into an act of serving well, offering an efficient and welcoming experience, building lasting relationships among those involved.